Advanced Tokenization Options with TokenEx & Key IVR

TokenEx and Key IVR are committed to helping reduce PCI scope, increase authorisation rates, and lower interchange fees to make payments more profitable. By partnering with TokenEx and connecting to their sophisticated platform, Key IVR can offer advanced tokenization options and increased flexibility with your payment processor or gateway.


What is Tokenization?

Tokenization replaces sensitive information with unique identification symbols, known as tokens. This reduces the risk of data breaches as tokens hold no exploitable value and can be safely stored by an organization.
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Tokenization Options


Standard Tokenization

Let customers save their card details securely to make repeat orders and transactions easier. Sensitive information is replaced with a gateway token, keeping you out of scope.

Flexible Tokenisation

Securely tokenize and save card details before they reach a payment processor.

You’re no longer locked into a single gateway. Process or split payments across multiple payment gateways and increase your authorisation rates.


Not Just Payment Data

Reduce data risk and comply with industry regulations and guidelines by tokenising Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) and much more.

You’re In Control

Remove PCI scope from your network environment, but still control the data. Highly secure data centres in the UK and US store and manage your tokenised card details and other sensitive information.

About TokenEx

TokenEx is a cloud tokenization and payment optimisation provider committed to helping organisations safely and compliantly process and transmit sensitive data. Its industry-leading solution for data protection can secure and desensitize any structured data element to reduce risk, streamline operations and enable critical business processes.

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