Awards & accreditations

Our commitment to payment security and industry-leading services

PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider

Our services are certified to the highest level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Level 1 version 4.0. For many years we’ve had regular audits from a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), so we can confidently assure organisations they will be adopting one of the safest payment environments.

ISO 27001 Certified Company

Our ISO 27001 accreditation for Information Security Management shows our dedication to the protection of our customers sensitive data, and further displays our commitment to adhering to the highest level of security. Awarded by the British Standards Institution, a leading UKAS and ANAB accredited ISO auditor.

Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

Being on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers enforces our promise of providing trusted payment systems, and highlights our investment in data security and the protection of cardholder data. Visa encourages merchants to only use service providers that are listed on the Registry for outsourcing their payment-related services.

Other accolades

Industry trust

We’re also trusted by a range of payment gateways and financial service organisations, including: