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Delivering Secure Payment Solutions to Marie Curie Charity

Marie Curie benefited from the Key IVR’s secure payments platform, taking donations on the phone from their supporters in a convenient and compliant manner.

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Sophie Chan, Key IVR Account Manager

“Marie Curie has a long history of being an invaluable source of support for many people, and their trust in our service is a testament to Key IVR being an industry leader that continues to set the benchmark for secure and intelligent payment systems.”

Sophie Chan, Key IVR Account Manager

“Marie Curie has a long history of being an invaluable source of support for many people, and their trust in our service is a testament to Key IVR being an industry leader that continues to set the benchmark for secure and intelligent payment systems.”

The advantages of Key IVR payment solutions

In an industry reliant on trust and dedication, it’s essential to have a donation platform that offers similar qualities. Your supporters want the ability to show their generosity through a payment solution that is convenient to use, protects their personal data, and allows them to have an enjoyable interactive experience with their chosen charity. With Key IVR’s PCI-DSS compliant solutions, not-for-profit organisations can offer their donators the best during the fund-raising process.

Boost donations with compliant Agent Assisted Payments

Take donations on the phone from your supporters in a convenient and compliant manner with the Agent Assisted Payments service. The staff accepting the payments will be able to stay in full conversation with the supporter throughout the donation to ensure payment is successful and to thank the caller for their generous donation.

As the card details are entered via the phone keypad, the service hides the sensitive information on the staff member’s screen and as there are no card details spoken out loud, calls can be recorded with minimum security risk.

Never miss a donation with 24/7 Payment IVR

Available 24/7, 365 days per year, a fully-branded Payment IVR allows donations to be made at any time, freeing up valuable staff time and giving you peace-of-mind that you’ll never miss a valuable fundraising contribution. The IVR messages are scripted specifically for your requirements, recorded by our professional voice-actor and there is the option to provide a “thank you” SMS receipt for each donation.

Click-to-Pay for fast and secure online donations

Donating on the web needs to be quick and easy, without having to remember login details or a URL to enter. Make it easy and convenient with our Click-to-Pay service by directing supporters with an SMS or email to a dedicated donations webpage where card details can be entered to complete fundraising process.
Accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile device the process is 3d secure and PCI compliant to the highest level available, with the ability to save card details making it easier for regular supporters to donate.

Seamless recurring donations for non-profits, customized for every supporter

Recurring donations can be the lifeline for any not-for-profit organisation, so making it easy for supporters to provide regular contributions is essential. Available across all our services, you can offer supporters the option to provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly payments to your organisation’s mission, with a predetermined or editable donation figure and email or SMS receipts or ‘thank you’s, totally customised by you. Once the recurring donation is set up, it automatically processes the donation at the appropriate time, easily and securely, with no involvement needed.

Whether it’s an additional payment option on a 24/7 automated IVR or allowing your staff to discuss a recurring donation scheme when on the phone with a supporter, the examples are numerous.

Secure 24/7 online donations with customizable web payments

Our Web Payments service can provide a fully branded payment web portal for your organisation, allowing supporters to make card payments securely 24/7 365 days a year. It can be tailored to suit a specific campaign or fundraising effort, provide a Gift-Aid option and send a branded ‘thank you’ email receipt.

Additionally, use a Self-Service Portal or integrate with your existing business systems to see real-time updates on your fundraising efforts.

Simplify donations with Outbound voice & SMS

Communicating via Text or SMS is commonplace, so fundraising campaigns or communicating quick, meaningful updates to your supporters can be easy with our Outbound Voice & SMS service. This can drastically increase your campaign efforts and improve engagement, most importantly making it more likely supporters will donate again.

The platform is able to deliver thousands of messages every hour throughout the world, saving your staff valuable time and increasing engagement. To make it easier for supporters who frequently donate, they can simply reply and make a donation with a payment card saved against their account.

Live reporting for real-time campaign insights

A Self-Service portal reports on donations as they are made, so you can keep an eye on fundraising efforts across multiple campaigns. A range of integration options are also available to synchronise this information across your existing systems, saving your organisation time and effort on manual consolidation.

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