Touchless Payments With Alexa

A personalized experience that improves payment convenience for smart speaker users across the world.


Your customers can make one-off or recurring payments with Alexa, on their Amazon Echo smart speakers and Alexa enabled devices.

Exceed expectations with this innovative payment channel. Your customers can make payments and manage their account with Alexa, without the need to speak to a call centre agent, visit or website or use a mobile app – completely hands-free.

Showcase your innovation with this cutting edge payment channel, already a familiar part of day-to-day life in Echo powered homes.

Not only can this automated service boost customer experience by catering for multiple demographics, but it’s available 24/7 and frees up valuable contact centre resources.


  • Pay a bill or invoice
  • Buy tickets or make a booking
  • Top-up an account or wallet balance
  • Manage recurring payments
  • Future functionality developed by Amazon all the time
Making Payments with Alexa


Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that allows users to play music, ask questions, set reminders and when it comes to shopping, add products to a wish list, order items, check on an order status, and more – using just their voice.

There are millions of Alexa powered devices around the world, including the popular Amazon Echo smart speaker range.

Amazon Customer

Even Easier for Amazon Customers

Making payments with Alexa is simple for Amazon shoppers.

There’s no need to read out sensitive card details or remember login details, they can use a saved debit or credit card on their Amazon account to complete the transaction.

Accessibility Benefits

Smart speakers are improving the convenience and increasing independence for many people with limited physical motion or severe disabilities. Voice recognition technology continues to move beyond simply switching on/off lights at home or setting reminders. It has developed into a highly accessible shopping method and can help the management of payments for utility suppliers, credit cards, mortgage payments and many more.

Get Started

Talk to us about how touchless payments with Alexa can improve convenience for your customers.

We’ll work with you to develop your Alexa Skills and enable them on Amazon’s Echo devices.


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