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Celebrating over 15 years of secure payments!
Learn how Key IVR has grown from a modest IVR provider into a global leader in secure payments solutions.

How It Began…

Since it was founded in 2008, Key IVR has grown significantly in size and service offering. In fifteen years, the organisation has evolved from a small Doncaster based automated IVR provider, to a dedicated team of specialists offering a wide range of payment channels across telephone, web, SMS and mobile apps. Key IVR are helping organisations across numerous countries and sectors protect their customers with the highest level of security when processing payments.

The demand comes from a need to combat credit card fraud and avoid data breaches that have been hitting the public eye. By adhering to a strict series of guidelines called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), setup by the major card providers, organisations can strive to better protect their consumers by thoroughly assessing the security of their payment methods.

Take a look at our journey below…

Key IVR Today

Agent Digital launches
Customers can receive a secure web link via text message or email to complete a payment, without compromising the security or flow of a call.
AI improves accuracy of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology improves the reliability of the natural language processing of our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine.
Austin Office Opens
Key IVR expand with US office location to provide support to international clients and Partners.
Key IVR celebrates 15 years of securing payments!
Now with over 230 happy clients globally, 60 partners and £1.7 billion ($2.2bn or 1.99 bn Euros) processed annually, Key IVR continues to grow into new markets and develop new services for an ever-changing international payment landscape.
Direct Debit Service Launches
Manage your Direct Debits with an automated payment platform to save your organisation valuable time. A range of 24/7 self-serve, payment reminders and integration options are available.
Pay by Bank Service Launches
Add bank to bank transfer options to your online payment journey, and receive funds straight away, free from any risk of chargebacks and card-not-present (CNP) fraud.
Cryptocurrency Payments Service Launches
Get paid in Bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrency payments from your website, with email and SMS payment links, or over the phone. Receive funds into your crypto wallet to store or convert immediately into 126 different currencies, straight into your bank account.
60 Team Members​
WhatsApp Payment Channel Launches
Our outbound payment services are improved with WhatsApp functionality. SMS campaigns will automatically detect if the recipient has a linked WhatsApp account, sending them a message within the app. This can reach customers using the WhatsApp mobile app, or WhatsApp Web on a desktop
Cristina Gupca joins Key IVR
Cristina is a software engineer who has been passionate about technology throughout her career. Spending her time developing on her skills and keeping up to date with the tech world and latest projects, plays a vital role in ensuring client solutions are developed to the highest of standards. Cristina is also dedicated to ensuring her team is always learning and expanding on their career opportunities.
ISO 27001 Accredited
Our ISO 27001 accreditation for Information Security Management shows our dedication to the protection of our customers sensitive data, and further displays our commitment to adhering to the highest level of security.
10 Years of Secure Payments
Key IVR celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary providing secure payments to organisations and their customers worldwide.
Chris Cairns joins Key IVR
As Head of IT Chris takes pride in his responsibility to provide the best products and services to our clients. He has a wide range of skills which he has integrated well into his role with his peers describing him as both knowledgeable and helpful on a highly professional level. With over 25 years of experience, he is an essential part of our team here at Key IVR.
50 Team Members
Chișinău (Moldova) Office Opens
Key IVR opens an additional European office in Moldova to support their international clients and Partners.
First Mobile Payment App
A mobile app available on iPhone and Android which synchronises with household Smart Meters for instant and convenient top-up of gas and electricity.
40 Team Members
New York Office Opens
Key IVR expand with US office location to provide support to international clients and Partners.
30 Team Members
New Website & Partner Portal Launches
20 Team Members
Service Desk Launched
The Support Team expands further and a dedicated Service Desk is established to meet the rising number of clients and Partners.
10 Team Members
Mark Kelly joins Key IVR
Mark starts his career at Key IVR as Head of Sales, expanding the department over the years. As Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) he now oversees the Account Management, Sales and Marketing teams, providing valuable industry knowledge to new and existing clients.
Agent Assisted Payments Service Launches
Helping your agents take PCI Compliant card payments on the phone with a seamless customer experience.
Click-to-Pay Service Launches
A pay-by-link service sending a personalised SMS or email to individual recipients, linking to an auto-filled payment portal.
5 Team Members
Taxi Payment Service Launches
A range of secure payment options is available with ‘FarePay’, designed for drivers, office staff and customers.
Outbound Voice & SMS Service Launches
An effective and efficient way of reaching more people in a reduced time with voice and SMS.
Dianne Smith joins Key IVR
Dianne joins Key IVR to start a dedicated sales team, and now as Head of Partnerships manages the relationships with numerous technology providers worldwide.
Secure Web Payments Service Launches
A fully-branded PCI DSS Level 1 secure online payment portal, integrated with your existing systems.
Payment IVR Service Launches
A PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, fully-automated and branded payment collection system that runs 24/7.
Key IVR was Founded
Darren Wooding (now CEO) recognised the need for a 24/7 automated telephone line, allowing customers to make payments quickly using their telephone keypad without the need to speak to an agent. This proved a huge success and Darren saw the potential to develop the service further.

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