Integration Options

Save your organization time and money by connecting our payment solutions with your existing business logic


We have a team of talented developers who can configure a solution to suit any organization and improve the overall functionality of the payment service.

SFTP Integration

Validating your transactions as they are processed significantly reduces time reconciling payments and investigating human errors. You’ll have the option to supply customer records or a list of outstanding payments so data entered can be validated as a customer makes a payment. This information is picked up directly from our sFTP site, or you can host this in your environment to be collected and uploaded automatically.

To enable you to streamline updates and aid reconciliation, report files are produced in a secure FTP environment as frequently as required (daily, weekly, etc) for your team to access. The files are customized to your specific needs, to include whatever post payment data is required. Our team will endeavor to ensure that the reports will be compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any additional guidelines your organization needs to adhere to.

Key Benefits

  • Save time on re-consolidating customer records
  • Upload customer information to the solution to provide validation when a customer makes payment
  • Report format and frequency configured to suit your requirements

SFTP Example

An organization has a Payment IVR solution that collects invoice payments 24/7. Using automated scripts, they export their customer account numbers and outstanding balances to a secure FTP location. This automatically updates their payment IVR and website.

First thing in the morning, their team logs onto the same SFTP site and downloads the daily reports, then uploads these to their CRM system. As the report is formatted specifically to match their CRM fields the system can map the data easily.

All customer records and invoices are now consolidated and updated to reflect the recent payments made on the Payment IVR.

Bespoke API Integration

Our solutions are compatible with many different APIs, allowing integration with hundreds of different platforms. A bespoke API is developed to work seamlessly with your business systems 24/7. With a direct API Integration to your internal platform we can correspond through a SOAP/Web Service and check information as it is entered by the customer or agent.

By confirming reference numbers, identifiers, amounts and posting information back into your CRM in real-time, you save valuable time with no manual reconciliation.

Supported Platforms Include:

  • Anchor Sentinel Platform – Sentinel was developed to meet the varied needs of the instalment credit industry. The platform boasts a modular design that allows customers to create the right solution for their particular business requirements.
  • Civica Services – Supporting the complete debt collection process from compliance through to full enforcement. Starting from bulk case loading from third party systems it profiles all cases based upon debt type and highlights all required information to office and ultimately field based staff.
  • iView / Tickit Parking Solutions – The Tickit software is built upon an array of features and abilities, such as bespoke Parking Charge Notifications (PCNs), Vehicle Immobilization management (wheel clamping) and a robust Parking Management and Enforcement System.
  • Smart Meters – Gas and electricity meters that automatically send meter readings, so customers don’t have to. They come with a smart energy monitor that shows customers how much energy they are using in pounds and pence.
  • PayPoint – The Paypoint UK network has more branches than all banks, supermarkets and Post Offices together, putting us at the heart of communities for millions of regular weekly customers.

Information Could Include:

  • Agreement / reference numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Outstanding / remaining balance
  • Next instalment amount (if paying on a payment plan)
  • Total balance

What are the Requirements?

Our API integration connects to your organization’s or IT partner’s endpoint using common SOAP, WSDL or REST technologies. We would liaise with your IT team to connect our payment solution with your systems. However, if you don’t have available IT resource we are able to build both halves of the API integration.

API Example

A customer goes to your branded web payments page to pay an invoice and enters their reference number. Within seconds, the web page populates the Amount Due field with the information held against the customer record in your CRM.

As the customer completes payment, CRM is quickly updated to reflect the payment made, in-turn updating any reports and dashboards.

Request Technical Documentation

We’d be happy to discuss our integrations in more detail, but for security purposes our technical documentation is not public facing.

Contact us on +1 (929) 207-0116 or complete the form to request a call-back.


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