Secure & branded Web Payments

A fully branded and automated payment portal

Safe and compliant payments

E-commerce transactions grow year-on-year, but securing your website to take debit or credit card payments is often prohibitively expensive. Key IVR can provide a flexible and affordable solution, offering inventive payment webpages through to full applications.

By using our secure payment processing services, you can significantly reduce your requirements under PCI-DSS, as all credit and debit card processing is performed in our PCI-DSS Level 1 certified environment.

With a Key IVR Web Payments page, you can customise the entire look and feel to seamlessly flow from your existing website. We’ll work with you to ensure everything is kept up to date, without the need for constant updates and changes, like you normally would with a regular plugin.

You’ll drastically decrease the risk of a possible data breach, something plugins cannot guarantee. Organisation’s can spend on average $3.86 million (about £2.9 million) recovering from a data breach, according to Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020, with long-term reputational damage and the risk of it happening again once a vulnerability has been discovered.

Key IVR’s Web Payments solution is PCI-DSS secure to the highest standard, and we’ll ensure no sensitive customer data ever passes through your internal systems. Payments will be processed and reconciled safely, allowing you to focus on a smooth customer experience.

It isn’t. We work with over 30 Merchant Service providers to ensure your customers payment data is securely processed, without the need to see or store any sensitive information.

Choose how customers can pay

Give flexibility and freedom with a range of payment options

Debit & Credit Card

Accept debit or credit card payments – VISA, Mastercard and American Express

Pay By Bank​

PayPal & Digital Wallets

Accept payments from mobile and digital wallets, including PayPal, Google Pay (G Pay) and Apple Pay

Cryptocurrency Payments

Buy Now Pay Later

Offer flexible payment options to your customers with no financial risk to you. Receive payment in full, minus fees, and let the BNPL provider take care of instalment payments or pay later management.

Direct Debit

Totally bespoke and ready to integrate

We’ll work with you to design an online payment journey to suit your customers, accessible via a dedicated URL or integrated with any leading e-commerce platforms.

Google Pay & Apple Pay

Modernise your online payment capabilities page with Google Pay (G Pay) and Apple Pay. Mobile payments are used by more than two billion people globally, with millions more coming online each year.

Our Gateway partnerships allow us to provide a Web Payments portal that keeps you up to date with all the latest technology.

Service additions

There are a multitude of additions we provide to suit your bespoke Web Payment solution.

Your solution can be configured to suit your business needs, all fully secure to the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance.

Direct Debit Payments

Add Direct Debit to your payment solution and start securing collections through one of the most trusted channels in the UK.

Set up, modify and monitor Direct Debits simply and conveniently, avoiding the hassle of chasing a multitude of late payments. Options include: payment plans and one-off transactions to collect variable amounts, subscription payments and fixed fees alike.


Tokenise a customer’s card, meaning they will only need to provide card details once, saving them time on regular payments and purchases.

All payments are secure as card details are not stored anywhere outside the issuing card company, with tokens containing a dedicated reference for every individual customer.

E.g. Policy number, customer number, customer name, phone number, etc.

Recurring Payments

Offer your customers a Recurring Payment Plan with a range of payment frequencies, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

A Recurring Payment Plan / CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) differs from a Direct Debit as you can re-take failed payments, restarting the plan and avoiding expensive failed payment charges.

This method is recommended by the FCA, as debt isn’t added onto customers paying off existing debt.

Pay By Bank

Collect payments quicker, directly from your customer’s bank with Pay By Bank. Simply add a payment button on your checkout page and the customer is transferred to their bank to login and authorise payment.

All the details of the payment are encrypted and passed through to their bank so there are is no risk of payer error.

SFTP Integration

Validate your customer transactions and avoid matching every transaction and investigating human errors.

You’ll have the option to supply customer records or a list of outstanding payments so transactions can be validated as a customer makes a payment.

Bespoke API Integration

Our solutions are compatible with many different APIs, allowing integration with hundreds of different platforms.

If necessary, a bespoke API can be developed to work seamlessly with your business systems.

Combine with our Click-to-Pay solution

Increase payment conversion with a personalised text, email or WhatsApp message containing a unique link for each recipient.

This pay-by-link service launches a mobile-friendly payment web page with as much or as little customer information pre-filled as required, allowing them to confirm payment details and simply complete the transaction.

A customer can enter new card details or use a previously stored card, making it easy for a customer to complete the payment process. No need to enter long reference numbers or remember a payment amount.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Offer flexible payment options to your customers with no financial risk to you. Receive payment in full, minus fees, and let the BNPL provider take care of instalment payments or pay later management.

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Sophie Chan

Head of Account Management

Services that work for everyone, including… 
Debt Recovery
Travel Agents

Services that work for everyone, including…

Debt Recovery
Travel Agents

We’re improving the payment journey for organisations from a range of sectors

Contact Centre Teams

We can help improve security and operational efficiency within your Contact Centre. From protecting sensitive customer details, to reducing agent call volume, we have a range of PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant solutions to fit your organisation

Debt Collection & Enforcement

Collection and card processing needs to be fast, reliable and convenient for both debtors and your staff. Whether you take payments on the phone, via an automated IVR, online or in person we can provide a bespoke, PCI-DSS Compliant solution, comprised of payment methods that work seamlessly together

Utility Suppliers & Providers

In a highly competitive industry, it’s important to have the leading edge by offering a superior service. Your customers want to be able to choose how they pay for their services – on the phone, via SMS, online or on their Smart Meter

Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

Our services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the travel sector, providing a range of payment methods to suit your individual requirements

Property Management & Housing Associations

Managing and maintaining the incoming funds from tenants is a crucial day-to-day process for any housing association, But, keeping track of this can often be tricky, especially when there are many areas to oversee

Charities & Not for Profit

Managing and maintaining the incoming funds from tenants is a crucial day-to-day process for any housing association, But, keeping track of this can often be tricky, especially when there are many areas to oversee

With Key IVR’s PCI-DSS compliant solutions, not for profit organisations can offer their donators the best experience during the fund-raising process – along with protecting their sensitive data

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