Outbound Voice & SMS

ve time & money with automated messaging campaigns


Outbound IVR is an effective and cost-efficient way of reaching a large audience of customer or prospects, quicker than call center agents calling each and every contact.

The beauty of outbound messaging IVR is that your message can be delivered even when there’s no one there, or if they are not answering the phone.

The pre-recorded voice can be customized according to your preferences and geared towards your target audience, with a range of applications. This solution is perfect for organizations looking to distribute appointment & invoice reminders, marketing campaigns & surveys, Direct Debit failures and debt collections in a cost-effective way.

The platform is able to deliver thousands of messages every hour throughout the world both by voice and SMS, saving your agents valuable time and increasing customer engagement and conversions.

By using flexible call strategies, messages and promotions can be delivered directly to your contacts with an optional real-time connection back to your call center or payment IVR.


SMS / Text Messaging

Load your customer or prospect data using the Self Service website or by SFTP to send out bulk SMS / text messages reminding, chasing or informing customers with a call to action.

The text is completely editable and personalized (E.g. customer name, policy number and amount to pay or the required information). Increase conversion and customer engagement with a call agent number or Click-to-Pay weblink.

Mini-Dialler IVR

Save call agent time with a Mini-Dialler IVR, distributing a bespoke, professional voice artist pre-recorded message to your customers or prospects. During the call, the contact can be transferred to an agent or payment line.

Manage multiple campaigns within your Self Service portal, reporting on real-time outbound statistics, dead numbers, voicemails and more.

Key Benefits

  • Reach a larger audience and save call center agent time compared to traditional outbound methods
  • High capacity platform, able to send thousands of messages per day
  • Easy-to-use Self Service portal to manage your outbound campaigns
  • Adjust the outbound call rate in real time to optimize traffic into your call center
  • Schedule campaigns to run over one or multiple days
  • Report on dead phone numbers for data cleansing or follow-up
  • Leave a voicemail with the recipient on your organization’s behalf
  • Automatically schedule call-backs at different times based on no-answer, engaged or answerphone detection
  • Competitive call and SMS pricing
  • Multiple dynamic fields to personalize message content to individual recipients, with the option to use Click to Pay to link to an auto-filled payment portal

Ideal for a Variety of Sectors

  • Debt collection, payment and invoice reminders
  • Appointment reminders and cancellation services
  • Utility communications such as meter reading requests
  • Marketing and promotional messaging
  • Automated surveys

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