Serenova CxEngage Payment Integration

Key IVR’s Agent Assisted Payment solution functions within Serenova’s CxEngage platform, providing Serenova customers with a PCI-DSS compliant service to process payments. By ensuring contact centre agents are never exposed to sensitive cardholder data, even the most complex contact centres can use a fully-integrated solution designed to process payments to the highest level of security.

Serenova’s CxEngage platform

Pre-Built Integrations with CxEngage

CxEngage, Serenova’s cloud contact center solution, is designed to fit into your ecosystem by offering pre-built integrations to the most preferred providers. The partnership with Key IVR helps CxEngage users adhere to PCI-DSS requirements, providing a more secured, efficient customer experience. Your agents, along with screen and call recordings, never hear, see, or store sensitive card data.

Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) and touch tones are suppressed and the real-time dashboard only shows partial numbers as the customer enters his/her information. Agents stay on the phone with the customer, pivoting seamlessly from payment processing to interaction, all on CxEngage, improving both the agent and customer experience

Together, Serenova and Key IVR deliver a seamless customer experience and ensure your agents are never exposed to sensitive payment and card holder data.


About Serenova

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