Housing Association Payment Solutions

A range of secure, convenient and cost-efficient payment services to suit Housing Associations of any size


Secure & convenient payment services that can be fully integrated with your existing systems.

Managing and maintaining the incoming funds from tenants is a crucial day-to-day process for any housing association. Keeping track of this can often be tricky, especially when there are many areas to oversee, including deposits, rent, maintenance, utilities, services charges, registration fees, and possibly more.

At Key IVR we’re dedicated to simplifying these processes for you, ensuring that payments are collected on time, in the most efficient way possible. Below are some of the many ways we can help speed up, automate, or simplify the way you receive funds from your tenants.



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Send Unique Payment Links

Trouble collecting those monthly or weekly payments? Increase payment conversion with a personalised SMS, email, or WhatsApp message containing a unique link for each tenant.

This pay-by-link service launches a mobile-friendly payment web page with as much or as little tenant information pre-filled as required, allowing them to confirm payment details and simply complete the transaction.

Combine with our Outbound Services to send messages to a customer data list. You can edit the message content, customize the dynamic fields such as name and property details and dispatch an SMS, email, or WhatsApp message quickly and easily.


Using Automated Telephone Payments

Available 24/7, 365 days per year, a fully-branded Payment IVR allows your tenants to pay you at any time without the need for costly staff intervention. The call recordings are created specifically for your requirements and recorded by our professional voice actor.

The solution can be integrated to validate tenant reference numbers and look up outstanding balances from your back office systems. Transactions are also available for your staff to view in real-time via a Self-Service Portal.


Securely Process Payments Over The Phone

The Key IVR Agent Assisted Payments service offers a range of options for your staff to accept payments made over the phone in a safe and compliant manner. DTMF tone suppression and masked card details ensure you’re reducing the risk of data breaches or rogue agents – every call can be PCI-DSS compliant to the highest level and help de-scope your network environment.

With an easy-to-use agent dashboard, your staff can keep track of the payment process as it’s happening, helping tenants along the way, especially beneficial when dealing with more vulnerable individuals.

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Dedicated Web Portal

Allow tenants to manage their accounts through a dedicated payment portal, customised to suit how your association operates.

The Key IVR Web Payments service can be configured as a fully branded e-commerce payment facility, allowing tenants to make payments securely via the Internet. The payments solutions can be integrated with your back-office or CRM system to provide up-to-date balance information to the person paying and provide you with real-time reporting.

Transactions are also available for your staff to view real-time via a Self-Service Portal.

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Automated Voice & SMS Campaigns to Tenants

Our Outbound Voice & SMS service can reach a larger audience and save your staff time compared to traditional outbound methods. Your messages can be delivered even when there’s no one there, or if they are not answering the phone.

The pre-recorded voice message or SMS can be customised according to your preferences, perfect for informing tenants of any maintenance issues, upcoming payments, changes to services and many more. The platform is able to deliver thousands of messages every hour throughout the world both by voice and SMS, saving your team valuable time and increasing engagement.

Automated Direct Debits

By combining your Direct Debit system with additional channels such as telephone IVR, an online webpage and SMS or email services, you can encourage customers to self-serve and manage the majority of Direct Debit payment steps.

Everything is done securely on a highly secure payment platform, saving your organisation valuable time and money that can be better served elsewhere.

Direct Debit Self-Service Options

Key Benefits

  • Provide tenants with a range of payment services – on the phone with an agent, via an automated IVR or online payment portal
  • Omnichannel capabilities improving tenant communication
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant v4.0 – The highest level of security
  • 100% hosted solution, meaning no on-site installation
  • Reliable and convenient solutions that your tenants can trust
  • Each solution is fully customisable to meet the requirements of your specific housing association
  • We’ll sync up with your current processes to offer the best solution
  • Integration with major Payment Service Providers
  • Well designed API for seamless integration
  • Competitive call and transaction rates
  • Real-time reporting

Simplify The Process Further with Recurring or Tokenised Payments

We’re aware that many of the payments you take are repeat payments from your tenants, who may find it easier to phone up every month to pay. This can take up a lots of time and effort from your staff, that may be better served elsewhere. Here’s where we can help:


Recurring Payments:

Offer your tenants a Recurring Payment Plan with a range of payment frequencies, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.

A Recurring Payment Plan / CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) differs from a Direct Debit as you can re-take failed payments, restart the plan, and avoid expensive failed payment charges.

This method is recommended by the FCA, as debt isn’t added onto customers paying off existing debt.



Tokenise a customer’s card, meaning they will only need to provide card details once, saving them time on regular payments and purchases.

All payments are secure as card details are not stored anywhere outside the issuing card company, with tokens containing a dedicated reference for every individual customer.

E.g. Reference number, tenant number, postcode, phone number, etc.

Delivering Secure Payment Solutions to West Kent Housing

“We have seen a rise each and every month in the number of customers using card payments as their preferred payment method. Thanks to Key IVR, we’ve managed to reduce the amount of calls coming directly into our customer services team by having the system in place to take these payment-related calls. This effectively meant we have been able to redistribute the resources in our team, having a very positive impact on their morale.

Each time I’ve dealt with Key IVR directly, their customer service is great, I always have the confidence that any issue I have will be resolved quickly”.


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