Key Facts

  • Required a 24-hour payment IVR & web payment portal
  • The services needed to update their back-office systems in real time
  • Customers can now pay 24/7 over the phone or online
  • This has freed up valuable time for staff

Debt Recovery Plus are part of Bristow & Sutor, an enforcement agency specialising in debt recovery, which was set up in 1977. They are the leading provider of debt recovery services for the private parking sector in the UK. They recover money on behalf of private landowners and private parking companies, and with a firm but fair approach, they help educate and inform motorists that parking charges are legitimate, assisting them in avoiding any further or unnecessary charges.

The Requirement

Debt Recovery Plus required a payment service which allowed their customers to pay 24/7, 365 days a year, without the need for a member of staff to be present during the transaction. An essential aspect was that it needed to provide their customers with a quick and easy way to make payments across multiple channels, whilst ensuring the Debt Recovery Plus team had more free time and resources to focus on their core business activities.

Any implemented payment services had a requirement to update their in-house systems in real time, and be able to perform a look up against customer reference details, offering tailor-made payment arrangements and validating the legitimacy of customer accounts if required.

The Solution

Key IVR provided Debt Recovery Plus with two different self-service payment options that met their requirements perfectly and allowed for their customers to pay safely and conveniently, 24/7 365 days a year. The solutions didn’t require a member of staff to take payments, freeing up their valuable time and potential future salary costs as the organisation grew.

Payment IVR:

Key IVR designed and built a self-service Payment IVR which allowed debtors to call a dedicated telephone number to make payments towards their account. The solution is able to look up particular reference numbers from the Debt Recovery plus back-office systems and return account balance information, validating the account number. Customers can then securely enter their payment details into their telephone keypad and process payments over the phone without the need for staff intervention. The solution is secure and PCI DSS compliant, fully branded and recorded by a professional voice artist to meet their specific requirements.

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Secure Web Payments:

Key IVR also developed a Secure Web Page that also allows debtors to make secure payments online. The page is fully branded in Debt Recovery Plus colours and style, seamlessly linking from their existing website, making the payment process safe and easy for anyone to use.

An added benefit to this particular solution is that it also works with PayPal, a highly recognised financial service. When making a payment, customers can opt to use PayPal as their preferred payment method, easily logging into their account and processing the payment using a stored card, a new card, or PayPal credit if they have it.

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The Outcome

“We’ve worked with Key IVR for many years, and throughout this time our payment needs have grown considerably. The Key IVR team have always managed to accommodate our requests, and have put a great amount of interest into understanding our business.

Key IVR provide excellent reporting on a daily basis, detailing not only the payments received, but also at what stage a payment may have failed. This is very useful for identifying any problems, or whether the service needs to be streamlined. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any further businesses looking to implement their own secure payment solutions.”

Debt Recovery Plus

For more information about Debt Recovery Plus, please visit their website


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