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Video: How Click to Pay is Used For Bulk Email or SMS Campaigns

Click-to-Pay is a versatile payment collection service that can help you tackle a range of business challenges. There are a number of ways this service can work for an organisation. This is one of three common examples.

Bulk send email or SMS campaigns
Liz is a collections team leader, she can use bulk SMS or email campaigns to save her agents valuable time calling and chasing each individual customer for payment. Liz can use Click-to-Pay combined with outbound services to send an SMS or email message to a customer data list. Liz can edit the content of the message from her dashboard, adding dynamic fields such as name, her company name and order reference details. The SMS or email campaign is then dispatched quickly and easily to the entire list, providing a unique payment link to each recipient wherever they are in the world.

Secure Payment Link
The link takes each customer to a web payments page with the reference and payment amounts pre-filled with their specific details. All they need to do is confirm the payment method making payment collection quick and easy across any smartphone or desktop device. This drastically saves agent time on payment collection and can allow customers or debtors to pay 24/7, 365 days a year.

Automated Sends
Another benefit of Click-to-Pay is you can automate the process using a direct API integration. This means Liz wouldn’t even need to be involved. For example, when a customer drops into a negative balance an email or SMS will be sent automatically. Once the payment has been made, Liz’s systems and subsequent teams will be updated in real-time.

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