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Video: Do I Still Have To Pause & Resume My Call Recording?

One of the things we’re often asked when we’re dealing with contact centres and suppression of DTMF, is whether call recording still has to be in play.


FCA Regulations & PCI Guidelines

Because there are two types, there’s suppression and masking. For suppression, no, you don’t need to pause your recording. In fact, we recommend that you record the entire call. We designed this in mind that a lot of our clients in debt and loans, were very much in turmoil because they have the FCA regulation that states that their representatives must have their entire call recorded to make sure there’s no miss-selling. But, the PCI guidelines suggest that you cannot record that sensitive card data, therefore, you must pause the call, which created a bit of an oxymoron with a situation that you couldn’t comply to either.


Record The Entire Call With Suppression

It was another reason we moved to suppression because by suppressing it, you can record the entire call, so you can comply with the FCA. You can review your agent’s calls and be confident that what’s being said is what you’ve asked them to say. At the same time, because we’re suppressing it, it’s perfectly safe and the risk has been mitigated and removed.


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Presented by Mark Kelly – Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Key IVR


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