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Video: Collecting Debt or Taking a Payment with our Click-to-Pay Service

Click-to-Pay is a versatile payment collection service that can help you tackle a range of business challenges. There are a number of ways the service can work for an organisation. This is one of three common examples. Collecting debt or taking a payment on the phone or a webchat.

Pay by Link Whilst on the Phone with an Agent

Rachel is on the phone with Carol discussing her order. When Carol is ready to make her payment, Rachel can then use the Click-to-Pay service to enter the order amount, along with Carol’s phone number or email address.

Carol then receives an SMS or email with a unique payment URL. Whether she is using her smartphone or desktop by using the link, she’s taken to a secure and fully branded webpage. Carol confirms her pre-filled order details and is taken to a payments page which asks for her credit or debit card details to complete the order.

Faster Checkout Process

Alternatively, Rachel’s organisation could configure the Click-to-Pay link to take Carol straight to a card payment page for a quicker transaction process. This is all fully secured in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant environment. Once Carol completes the payment, Rachel is instantly informed, and an email or SMS is sent confirming the order is completed.

Pay by Link Via Webchat

Alternatively, this method can also be used through a webchat. Rachel can simply generate a Click-to-Pay link and copy and paste it into the chat box for Carol to pay with.

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