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Video: How to Protect MOTO Transactions From Chargebacks

The Process of Protecting MOTO Transactions

You might be on the phone with an agent ready to make a payment, or you might be using an automated payment IVR. You will be asked to verify yourself with your customer reference numbers, or any identifiers that you have with that business. That can either be done by the agent or yourself on the automated payment line.

In order to increase the security of this payment type, we have to swap the transaction type to online. This allows the customer to go through the 3D Secure process whilst remaining on the phone. The customers verify themselves with the agent or themselves on the self-service payment IVR, so they will then receive a text or email containing a unique link where all their information they’ve just entered is already pre-filled.

They will be asked to put their card details into the payments page and then, and the process of 3D Secure will happen where they’ll have to put in their password, or they’ll be sent another text with an authorisation code. Once the customer has verified their identity, if the details match, their payment will be successful and if the details failed, the payment will fail also.

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Presented by Abi Richardson – Partner Relationships Manager at Key IVR


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