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Video: Click-to-Pay Payment Service Demonstration

Welcome to the Key IVR Click-to-Pay demonstration. The purpose of this solution is to increase payment conversion over a number of different channels including SMS, email, web chat and WhatsApp

So how does it work?

Generating a single-use Click-to-Pay message is a straightforward process. Simply enter the customer reference number and the amount they need to pay – then select whether you’d like to send the message via email or SMS, inputting the recipient’s contact information. You can then select which message template you wish to use, these can be pre-loaded to suit multiple campaigns. After inputting all the required information, you simply generate the link and the message is ready to be sent to the customer.

The link launches a mobile-friendly branded payment web page with as much or as little pre-filled information that you require, allowing the customer to confirm or enter payment details to complete a transaction for a product or service, directly from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The entire process is secured to PCI-DSS level 1, the highest available in the industry. Card information is processed immediately and the details aren’t stored anywhere.

Alternatively, the link can be copied and pasted into a web chat, social media message or any other messaging service, allowing businesses to take secure payments through alternative communication methods.

Bulk Email or SMS Click-to-Pay Campaigns

Our Click-to-Pay dashboard also allows for bulk email or SMS sends. By uploading a data file with personalised information such as account references, payment amount, names and other information, messages can then be sent in high-volume but display unique content to each recipient.

Clients have access to live reporting which can show the status of each payment link, showing successful or failed payments

Automated Click-to-Pay Messages

Click-to-pay can also work fully automatically with your billing platform or other back-office systems, sending out messages in real-time to customers that have an upcoming payment or have missed a payment. Thanks to a direct API integration, messages are sent around the clock, 24/7, triggered by certain workflows and criteria – without the need for a member of staff to be involved. When a customer completes a payment, the integration will update your systems instantly.

3D Secure and Click-to-Pay

Combined with 3D Secure, this service is especially beneficial for organisations suffering from a multitude of chargebacks. By sending a Click-To-Pay message to particularly high risk customers to verify their identity, the probability of it being charged back to the company is reduced by up to 100%.

With so many options available, our Click-to-Pay can be configured to meet a range of business challenges. You can increase your collection rate, improve your payment conversion ratio, reduce the impact of charge-backs, automate a lot of manual processes and many more.

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