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Protect 100% of Your Call Traffic

DTMF Suppressed Card Payment Service, Trusted by Leading Brands

Using their telephone keypad, the customer enters their debit and credit card details.

The card data is sent to the agent, but intercepted beforehand, masking and suppressing any sensitive data.

The agent receives card details, with any sensitive data starred out so it can’t be written down or stored anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • Suppressed DTMF Tones – More secure than DTMF Masking
  • No need to read out card details – Customers use their telephone keypad
  • Data cannot be compromised by ‘rogue agents’ that might steal the information for malicious purposes
  • Universally compatible with all telephony systems
  • Cost-effective way of reducing any risks involved with taking card payments
  • 100% hosted & fully automated – no hardware to install or maintain
  • Highly securePCI-DSS Level 1 compliant
  • No need to pause and resume call recording
  • Improves the trust between customers and businesses

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