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Web Chat Payments: Safe, Convenient and Diverse

Ecommerce purchases have been on the rise for years, as technology and the convenience that online shopping brings plays a massive part in assisting people’s busy lifestyles. The only downside is the lack of human interaction when it comes to queries or assistance, and asking a quick question over email can often be seen as a time-consuming task. According to a survey by Emarketer, 63% of customers agree that they are more likely to return to a website if there is a possibility of speaking with a representative via Live Chat. This fast paced method of interaction allows customers to get the responses they need promptly and in a conversational manner, without the need for formal emails or the frustration of lengthy queues on phone calls. In order to further increase convenience, having the option to pay for products or services during a live chat and offering assistance along the way, dramatically improves customer experience.

But how safe is it?

In 2018 popular ticket vendor, Ticketmaster, was caught up in a data breach which effected their web chat function, hosted by Inbenta Technologies, where 40,000 records may have been exposed. An array of information, including names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, payment details and Ticketmaster login details were all included in the breach, as attackers were able to intercept live chat conversations. With statistics from Furst Person showing that 77% of customers won’t make a purchase online if the site they’re using doesn’t have a live chat option, some organisations are looking to offer a full purchasing experience within the conversation, allowing customers to pay there and then. But, it isn’t as straight-forward as it sounds, with some contact centres asking for full card details within the chat, unmasked and a far stretch from PCI-DSS compliance. Various live chat programs allow for in chat payments to be taken safely and securely, with little risk to the customer. Although, there are some things to consider as this can often mean a large cost to the organisation for switching suppliers, the software may come with limited branding and features and it could even lead to a possible loss of customer data. Finding an appropriate solution that benefits both the customer and the organisation can sometimes prove difficult. Providers of web chat software or plugins have dedicated development teams that can continue to add valued features and benefits to their platforms. This is great and allows for a lot of customisation and freedom to make the webchat software configured to work with a diverse range of business operations. It’s due to the diverse capabilities of this software to work as efficiently as it can as a method of conversation, that enables Key IVR to work alongside them, integrating a payment method that focuses on security and safety for the customer. As a secure payment solutions provider, the focus can remain on ensuring card data is processed, stored and transmitted in a way that fully abides by the guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC). The need to change suppliers is taken out of the equation, with the ability to work alongside the current business operations and systems. Key IVR’s ability to process payments through a live chat is very flexible, not only is it able to work with those conducted by an agent, but through artificial intelligence (AI) chats also. This works with the platform pulling through information provided by the customer to generate a secure link which, when clicked on, takes them to a secure payment page with pre-filled information fields for a quicker and easier process.

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