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Key IVR Announce Agent Digital, a New Pay By Link Option for Over the Phone Payments

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Key IVR have launched a new digital method of agent driven payments, which allows users to receive a secure web link via text message or email to complete a payment, without compromising the security or flow of a call.

This expansion of Agent Assisted Payments comes as an addition to the current data capture methods, giving clients a total of 3 options to choose from. Key IVR already offer secured keypad entry (DTMF tones suppressed) and voice recognition as input methods when capturing a payment over the phone.

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How does Agent Digital work?

The Agent will ask the Customer how they would like to provide their card details: using their keypad, voice recognition or online. All methods are PCI-DSS v4.0 compliant to the highest level.

If the Customer opts for the online card capture method, the Agent will then ask for their email and/or mobile telephone number to send a secure payment link. Once they’ve captured the recipient’s information, the payment link is sent instantly to the Customer by email, text message or both.

The Customer can use a desktop or mobile device to open the secure payment link, confirm the details are correct and enter their card details. This cardholder data (CHD) is only seen by the Customer. The Agent will still be on the call with the Customer, to assist if needed.

If the Customer changes their mind and wants to pay via telephone keypad or voice, the Agent can do this from their dashboard in a matter of seconds.

Once the Customer has confirmed their card details, the Agent’s dashboard will populate with sensitive cardholder details (CHD) redacted. The information is processed by the payment gateway provider and the Agent can confirm with the Customer that the payment is complete.

What are the benefits of using Agent Digital?

  • No break in the call as there is no need to secure the call or do a warm transfer
  • Maintains communication and improves payment ratios where people are unable to enter their details using telephone keypad or use voice recognition
  • Sends a text message and email instantly to the customer
  • The Agent can confirm when a payment is successful, with no waiting on incomplete or chased payments
  • Removes 3rd party telephony provider scope of compliance or need to reconfigure telephony – up to 50% quicker to deploy
  • Descopes your payment collection by up to 100%
  • 100% of the call can be recorded, no need to pause and resume
  • Can be integrated by SFTP, API or stand-alone to your back-office systems

Future developments for 2024 include adding Pay by Bank within the Agent Digital capabilities, helping eradicate chargebacks and improving the user experience. This will enable users to pay directly from their banking app or online banking login, without the need to input sensitive card information and reducing the number of fraudulent payments over the phone.

If you’d like to find out more about Agent Assisted Payments and how it can benefit your organisation, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a demo.

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