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Key IVR and Optomany Develop “At the Bed” Payments for Reputable Private Hospital Chain


Key IVR and Optomany have been long standing partners for over four years, working together to streamline the payment journey for organisations across the UK. Through innovative payment methods, both parties aim to enable businesses to take and process payments in any environment faster, safer and more efficiently than ever before.

Stuart Dobson, Head of Product at Optomany said:

“We are dedicated to the modernisation and future proofing of payment processing for our many reputable customers. We are committed to working with partners that complement this way of thinking and we’re delighted that Key IVR could be such an instrumental part in the project”

It’s this forward thinking that led Key IVR and Optomany to develop an “out of the box” solution for a reputable private hospital chain. Through a sophisticated integration with Optomany’s Gateway and Key IVR’s PCI-DSS Level 1 secure payment platform, they were able to create a unique omnichannel service specific for healthcare patients.

Three separate payment methods allow for the user to pay for their medical treatment in a way that suits them. Whether this be over the phone, online or in person using an Axept® Payment Terminal, the patient can be confident that their details are being processed in a safe and secure manner.

Sophie Chan, Head of Account Management at Key IVR said:

“It was fantastic to see all third parties working together to provide a sustainable solution for our mutual client. By meticulously mapping out the customer journey from start to finish, we’re hoping this innovative solution will have a wide application across medical centres, private clinics and hospitals across the globe.”

This particular healthcare organisation first reached out to the payment industry to resolve limitations on taking payments pre and post appointment, whilst also struggling to chase and reconcile outstanding payments. They were using non-integrated PDQ machines and non-compliant virtual terminals to process transactions over the phone, asking customers to read out sensitive card details to agents.

Their aim was to also improve efficiency by increasing the convenience and speed of which payments could be taken. Key IVR and Optomany collaborated with another mutual partner, First Data, to fully incorporate the solution and ensure the numerous payment methods were streamlined together.

The hospital’s cash flow has dramatically increased through their ability to share saved card details across all channels and reduce the number of steps needed to make a payment. Following the success of the project and positive patient feedback, the solution is now being installed across additional departments.

To find out more about Optomany and their suite of solutions, visit their website

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