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Improve Your Reach and Payment Conversion with WhatsApp Messages


Key IVR is proud to announce that we’ve extended our Click-to-Pay and Outbound Messaging services to send messages to customers using WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services in the world.

With over 2 billion users, this mobile and browser-based application prides itself in being completely free to its regular daily users and exempt of any interrupting advertisements. As a primary messaging service to many consumers around the world, we are confident that this will increase the visibility of messaging campaigns for our clients and future business alike.

Key IVR implemented WhatsApp to our messaging channels as a way of improving cost efficiency for sending larger text messages. At present, any SMS over 160 characters will charge for two text messages rather than one, increasing the cost of any descriptive campaign. WhatsApp diminishes this, by only sending one message and accommodating for the ability to send picture messages.

How Does it Work?

Outbound messaging campaigns sent via SMS will automatically detect if the recipient has a linked WhatsApp account, sending them a message within the app. This potentially increases the exposure for the campaign, reaching customers using the WhatsApp mobile app, or WhatsApp Web on a desktop or laptop PC.

Great for Zero Mobile Signal Areas

Additionally, as WhatsApp uses a data connection, your campaigns can reach recipients when they don’t have an active mobile network connection, but are connected to the internet.

For example, when they’re abroad and away from their local mobile network, connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot or in a poor mobile signal area.

This is perfect for any organisation wanting to engage further with their audience, whilst not being constricted to email or print marketing.

Higher Payment Conversion

This added functionality will be a welcome addition to clients of our Click-to-Pay solution, that use Outbound messaging to send a personalised payment URL to each recipient. This launches a pre-filled payment web page for customers to conveniently complete with card details.

By expanding the capabilities of this outreach activity across WhatsApp mobile and desktop users, we expect clients will see an increase in payment conversion – especially when targeting demographics where WhatsApp is their primary method of communication.

Get Started

If you’d like to talk to Key IVR about our WhatsApp messaging options, talk to one of our payment specialists, call +1 888 765 3109 or email us at

Alternatively, find out more about the enhanced payment services:

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