Key IVR Partner with Elavon to Offer Innovative and Secure Payment Processing in the US

Elavon and Key IVR are excited to announce a new partnership, making it easier for US merchants to access a wide range of innovative and secure card payment solutions. With a seamless integration between the Key IVR platform and Elavon gateway, businesses and consumers alike are protected to the highest level of payment security, PCI-DSS Compliance Level 1.

Elavon is one of the nation’s largest processors and is consistently rated among the top five global payment providers. They offer simple, cost effective payment processing solutions backed by reliable, helpful customer service. Elavon assists businesses by expanding payment choices and channels, and speeding up cash flow with some of the quickest funding in the industry.

Key IVR have over 15 years of experience providing secure cloud payment solutions to organisations across the globe. With an ever-expanding portfolio of solutions to meet a number of commercial needs, businesses across the globe have the ability to process payments over the phone, using an automated IVR, on the web, via SMS or on a mobile app.

By joining forces, both organisations are excited to see the fantastic contribution an extensive suite of payment solutions will bring to the US market.

Dianne Smith, Head of Partner Relationships at Key IVR said:

“From the very start of our relationship, we have always had a great dynamic. Communication and efficiency from all members of the team is always prompt and reliable, giving us the confidence that future opportunities will run just as smoothly”.

This new US partnership follows a long-standing relationship with Elavon’s UK division. This has recently secured the opportunity to implement a multi-channel solution into a prominent UK based business in the Hospitality and Leisure industry. The service will allow customers to pay for their stay over the phone, in a secure manner, de-scoping the entire organisation and network environment to ensure sensitive cardholder data (CHD) never reaches their systems.

If you’d like to find out more about Elavon and their innovative payment processing solutions, visit

Key IVR Expands Globally Alongside Long-standing Partner, Cardstream

Cardstream is a long-standing partner of Key IVR, who have been working hard to expand into new markets across different countries. Working together, both parties aim to offer secure payment services to businesses across the UK, US and Canada through recently acquired opportunities, simple integration and efficient solutions.

With over 20 years of experience within the payment industry, its rapid adaptation within this fast-paced market has allowed Cardstream to stay competitive. By working with Key IVR, Cardstream is able to expand on its service offering, by incorporating an omni-channel payment platform that is PCI compliant to the highest standard.

Dianne Smith, Head of Partner Relationships at Key IVR said:

“Cardstream was instrumental in implementing a payment solution to one of our largest clients in the UK. Its Open Payment ecosystem allowed for rapid processing of payments with Key IVR’s secure, PCI compliant services. Cardstream met all of our requirements perfectly and we’re looking forward to future endeavors across the globe.”

Key IVR’s partner team work very closely with Cardstream consultants to provide them with the necessary tools and training needed to assist clients through their payment challenges. Whether it be card payment services for over the phone, using an automated IVR, on the web, via SMS or on a mobile app, the partnership allows organizations to benefit from quick onboarding and competitive transaction rates.

Adam Sharpe, CEO of Cardstream said:

“We’re dedicated to working with Partners that help Cardstream with its continuous growth and success, complementing our existing services. Our Open Payment Network has been an essential part of many projects, allowing for fast integration to Key IVR’s omni-channel platform and, subsequently, many satisfied clients”.

If you’d like to find out more about Cardstream and its innovative Open Payment Network, visit the website:

Voyager Networks Partners with Key IVR to Offer Secure Payments to High Profile UK Brands

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest partner, Voyager Networks, an IT Solutions business delivering a range of innovative services to its many clients across a wide variety of public and private organizations.

Key IVR and Voyager Networks will be working together to offer clients tailored and secure technology systems that help improve their operations.

Voyager Networks deliver high quality solutions and services which are based around three different interrelated technologies including Enterprise Networks, Collaborative Communications and Security. Their innovative approach to focus on improving their clients’ current operations, rather than replace existing systems and services, is what allows them to stand out in the market.

Key IVR have over 10 years of experience providing secure cloud payment solutions to organizations and contact centers across the globe, protecting hundreds of businesses and their customers. With a diverse portfolio of solutions that allow organizations to process payments over the phone, using an automated IVR, on the web, via SMS or on a mobile app, Key IVR have something to suit a number of business needs.

Peter Howells, Business Development Director at Voyager Networks, comments:

“We are seeing an increasing demand for safe, secure and cost-effective payment systems from our clients. After a detailed review of the market we selected Key IVR as our partner of choice because of the quality and range of its software solutions coupled with an excellent approach to customer service. Adding Key IVR to our portfolio complements our collaboration and contact centre solutions and enables us to extend our capabilities to our clients”.

Key IVR and Voyager Networks intend to broaden their client base by offering secure payments across a variety of sectors. The partnership has already brought forward the opportunity to implement an Agent Assisted Solution into a high-profile household organization in the UK. This service will allow contact center agents to take payments over the phone in a secure manner, de-scoping the entire office and network environment to ensure sensitive payment data never reaches their systems.

Abi Richardson, Partner Relationship Manager at Key IVR, said:

“The evolution of malicious cyberattacks and the risk of data breaches is playing a prominent role in today’s technology. It’s vital that organisations are securing their operations to process, store and transmit payments in a safe and secure manner, avoiding any permanent damage to their reputation. Voyager Networks have been a fantastic addition to our growing partner base, offering up a technical expertise on a wide range of services, including payment security. We intend to work together to continue our mission of making payments safer, secure and convenient for end users”.

To find out more about Voyager and the range of expertly crafted IT solutions they offer, visit their website:

Key IVR Integrates with Serenova’s CxEngage, to Secure Payment Collection Within the Contact Centre

Key IVR provides secure cloud payment solutions to organizations and contact centers across the globe, protecting hundreds of businesses and their customers. Working with Serenova, a leading contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) and workforce optimization (WFO) provider, we aim to make integrating secure payments into the call center, a simpler and more adaptable process.

Key IVR’s Agent Assisted Payment solution will function within Serenova’s CxEngage platform, enabling Serenova to offer their customers a PCI-DSS compliant service to process payments. By ensuring contact center agents are never exposed to sensitive cardholder data, even the most complex contact centers can use a fully-integrated solution designed to process payments to the highest level of security.

Steve Richardson Frankton, Enterprise Sales Manager at Key IVR, said:

“For many organisations, the contact centre is a central point of interaction with their customers, processing a high proportion of sensitive information every day. Keeping that data secure and away from the risk of a potential breach needs to become a priority, as more and more businesses face damaging repercussions as a result of not having the right measures in place. The integrated solution from Serenova and Key IVR adds an easy-to-use, PCI-DSS compliant payment channel to a market-leading contact centre platform.”

With the rise of data breaches, the evolving complexity of cyber-attacks and the possibility of rogue agents has meant securing your contact center, and the entire organization’s data, has become a crucial business requirement. As the central hub of an organization’s customer interactions and data collection, the contact center is often seen as an area at the highest risk for data security. Mistakes made by contact center agents, or the improper storage of sensitive data can leave it vulnerable to a breach and ultimately, to costly and damaging repercussions on the brand.

John Lynch, CEO at Serenova, said:

“One of the fastest ways for an organisation to lose loyalty to its brand is through a data breach of customer information. By integrating Key IVR’s secure payment capabilities with our cloud contact centre capabilities, organisations can now have the peace of mind that comes with providing the highest level of security to their customers when processing any type of payment. Our integration also empowers agents with the tools necessary to deliver real, tangible benefits to the customer.”

Working together, Key IVR and Serenova aim to steer away from the negative connotations associated with achieving PCI-DSS compliance within the contact center, as it can be seen as a complicated and resource intensive undertaking. This cloud-based solution will make the organization and customer payment journey a much simpler process from implementation to usage.

To find out more about Serenova’s cloud contact center software, visit the CxEngage product page here

About Serenova

Serenova has transformed the customer experience. Over a decade ago, the company realized technology didn’t exist that could deliver immediate, consistent, and exceptional service. So, it created a true cloud contact center solution that could. The result is the ability to unify everything from customer engagement to quality management to analytics. This single source of truth provides global brands insights about customer information and experiences as they pivot between channels such as SMS, voice, or Facebook messenger.

Whether it’s technology, healthcare, or retail, brands from all industries come to Serenova for its global coverage and deep integrations into the business systems used every day. Why is this important? It creates the opportunity to keep pace with customers by quickly scaling up across the enterprise or out geographically. Recognized by analysts such as Gartner, Serenova is committed to building on an 18-year legacy leading the way in cloud-based contact center innovations. Learn more at For live updates, follow @SerenovaShine.

Web Chat Payments: Safe, Convenient and Diverse

Ecommerce purchases have been on the rise for years, as technology and the convenience that online shopping brings plays a massive part in assisting people’s busy lifestyles. The only downside is the lack of human interaction when it comes to queries or assistance, and asking a quick question over email can often be seen as a time-consuming task. According to a survey by Emarketer, 63% of customers agree that they are more likely to return to a website if there is a possibility of speaking with a representative via Live Chat. This fast paced method of interaction allows customers to get the responses they need promptly and in a conversational manner, without the need for formal emails or the frustration of lengthy queues on phone calls. In order to further increase convenience, having the option to pay for products or services during a live chat and offering assistance along the way, dramatically improves customer experience.

But how safe is it?

In 2018 popular ticket vendor, Ticketmaster, was caught up in a data breach which effected their web chat function, hosted by Inbenta Technologies, where 40,000 records may have been exposed. An array of information, including names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, payment details and Ticketmaster login details were all included in the breach, as attackers were able to intercept live chat conversations. With statistics from Furst Person showing that 77% of customers won’t make a purchase online if the site they’re using doesn’t have a live chat option, some organisations are looking to offer a full purchasing experience within the conversation, allowing customers to pay there and then. But, it isn’t as straight-forward as it sounds, with some contact centres asking for full card details within the chat, unmasked and a far stretch from PCI-DSS compliance. Various live chat programs allow for in chat payments to be taken safely and securely, with little risk to the customer. Although, there are some things to consider as this can often mean a large cost to the organisation for switching suppliers, the software may come with limited branding and features and it could even lead to a possible loss of customer data. Finding an appropriate solution that benefits both the customer and the organisation can sometimes prove difficult. Providers of web chat software or plugins have dedicated development teams that can continue to add valued features and benefits to their platforms. This is great and allows for a lot of customisation and freedom to make the webchat software configured to work with a diverse range of business operations. It’s due to the diverse capabilities of this software to work as efficiently as it can as a method of conversation, that enables Key IVR to work alongside them, integrating a payment method that focuses on security and safety for the customer. As a secure payment solutions provider, the focus can remain on ensuring card data is processed, stored and transmitted in a way that fully abides by the guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI-SSC). The need to change suppliers is taken out of the equation, with the ability to work alongside the current business operations and systems. Key IVR’s ability to process payments through a live chat is very flexible, not only is it able to work with those conducted by an agent, but through artificial intelligence (AI) chats also. This works with the platform pulling through information provided by the customer to generate a secure link which, when clicked on, takes them to a secure payment page with pre-filled information fields for a quicker and easier process.

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