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SFTP Integration & Data Reporting


Using Account References, Customer IDs, Postcodes or many other formats, you can validate payments and transactions before they’re made. This significantly reduces time reconciling and investigating human errors. Say goodbye to guessing which payment matches up to which customer. With the option to upload customer data, or a list of outstanding payments, transactions can be validated as a customer makes a payment. This information is picked up directly from our SFTP site, or alternatively you can host this within your own systems to be collected and uploaded automatically.

This integration option helps streamline updates and payment reconciliation. Report files are produced as frequently as required (daily, weekly, etc) for your team to access. The files are customised to your specific needs, to include whatever post payment data is required.


SFTP Example

An organisation has a Payment IVR solution that collects invoice payments 24/7. Using automated scripts, they export their customer account numbers and outstanding balances to a secure FTP location. This automatically updates their payment IVR and website.First thing in the morning, their team logs onto the same SFTP site and downloads the daily reports, then uploads these to their CRM system. As the report is formatted specifically to match their CRM fields the system can map the data easily.

All customer records and invoices are now consolidated and updated to reflect the recent payments made on the Payment IVR.

About Key IVR

Key IVR are a privately owned business offering automated payment services in the UK and internationally through Europe and into the United States. We are a customer-service focused organisation and take care to manage and meet our client’s expectations.

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