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Let the Hunt Begin! We Challenged Our Teams to Find Bugs and Win Prizes


Key IVR hosted a Bug Hunt competition, the second in a series of technical events. The Bug Hunt was a fun challenge for the development team, that tested their ingenuity, knowledge, and the skills of finding bugs within a service or platform.

Co-ordinated by Team Leaders, Andrei Ivascu and Ecaterina Scorpan, and HR Manager, Inga Galben, the Bug Hunt was introduced on a self-built mock-up environment, set up as a game to make it more engaging for our team. Participants scored points based on the severity of a discovered bug all tracked on a live score board, which displayed how many bugs had been found and how close each participant was to winning the game.

The winner of the day was Ivan Cavtea, who found a few important bugs that sent him rocketing to the top score position.

Ivan Cavtea, Developer said:

“Bug Hunt was an amazing experience and useful for the company, the team and my professional growth. Throughout the day we had to look for various bugs in our products to improve the quality of our payment solutions. I would like to express my gratitude to all the event organizers and colleagues for their participation.”

The event brought a broader understanding of UI issues, privilege escalation and the impact these have on product development. Although developers and QAs worked independently, there were lots of discussions about what bugs had been discovered and possible areas within the platform that might be more fruitful to help them win.

Next Event

The next technical event Key IVR will be hosting is a ‘Capture the Flag’ style game. Our Developers and QA’s will be tasked with discovering hidden messages and images within code, to gather flags and win a prize.

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