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Click-to-Pay Service Available as a Plugin for CRM Systems


The ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or billing system, is one that can be configured and tweaked to fit with how you do business.

This can often include customer communications such as payment reminders and marketing campaigns. Thanks to plugins, you can add additional functionalities within the platform screen, saving your teams valuable time – especially when they’re doing repetitive daily or weekly tasks.

We are pleased to announce that our popular SMS and email payment service, Click to Pay, is now available as a plugin for all major CRM systems, including SagePay, Zendesk, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce CRM, SugarCRM and many more.


What Can It Do Now?

  • One button dispatch of text message, WhatsApp or email campaigns from within your customer management or invoicing screen.
  • Save valuable time by removing the need to export data / Excel files and upload in another browser window.
  • Tailored messaging or campaign workflows to fit your customer segmentation, or campaign types. E.g. Outstanding payment reminders, service updates, customer surveys and more.

Here’s an Example

Sarah’s first job on a Monday morning is to do a data pull of all customers with a payment due or outstanding debt. This is to post letters, for the credit control team to make calls, and to send text message reminders.
She uses the customer relationship management system to identify the data. Then, rather than exporting a CSV file and re-uploading it into the Click to Pay platform for a text message dispatch, Sarah can press the “Send Text Message” button, check over the message content, and it’s ready to go.
The customer details will be pushed over to the Click to Pay service and dispatched automatically, while Sarah focuses on her other tasks.


It pays to automate where possible. Even the simplest improvements can help boost efficiency in your teams, especially when you strip out some of the more monotonous tasks.

Talk to us about a payment service that can fit you and your business systems. Find out more about our Click to Pay service, contact us on +44 (0) 1302 513 000 or email us at

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