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Key IVR Welcomes Customer Experience Agency, Customer Touch Point, as a New Partner

Key IVR are pleased to announce a new partnership with Customer Touch Point, an agency that focus on improving customer experience for their clients, while reducing effort and overall cost of contact at the same time. Their aim is to ensure that every contact you have with a customer strengthens your relationship with them. Many organisations have a brand “tone of voice” that defines the way they wish to present themselves and interact with their customers. Customer Touch Point design journeys for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), live chat, SMS, social media and web that helps present this “tone of voice” across these specific channels in a way that engages customers, and in turn, increases your influence over customer behaviour. This helps achieve your operational and customer objectives. This is something some organisations often miss that can have a tremendous contribution to returning customers, positive feedback and an overall return on investment (ROI). Specifically, for IVR systems, solutions could be as simple as improving the hold music, using more positive language, shifting from telephony channels to digital or using a professional voice over artist rather than a default, robotic sounding “text to speech” or an in-house member of staff. Dougie Nicoll, Customer Operations Manager at Customer Touch Point said:
“We are absolutely delighted to be working with Key IVR and look forward to the future.  We have been working in the customer experience space for over 10 years now and have experience working with the likes of Tesco, Virgin Trains, MBNA, Spire Healthcare, Premier League Football Clubs, Marks and Spencers and many more major brands in the UK. We have seen some fantastic results over the years with all our clients, these results indicate that if you invest in customer experience you will reduce the number of customer service issues you have and increase sales & loyalty with your customers. Why not find out for yourself how we can help you reach the next level.”
Customer Touch Point offer a free customer journey review for all potential clients, using their unique 200 point audit system, focussing on 6 key areas: Language, Structure, Quality, Brand, Voice (Design for digital journeys) and Experience, they are able to quickly identify any engagement gaps in the journey. By applying their unique ‘Engage to Influence’ methodology they can give very specific advice on what is working well and what areas can be improved upon.  The overall aim for your journeys is to create a ‘win win’ situation between you and your clients. Below you’ll see an example of how this is done:

See the full example on the Customer Touch Point website

Key IVR will work closely with Customer Touch Point to offer PCI Level 1 compliant payment services to their comprehensive portfolio of interactive solutions. This will include over the phone, on the web, live chat, or SMS.  Key IVR’s solutions will complement Customer Touch Point’s methodology and add a crucial layer of security to the payments stage of a customer interaction. Key IVR are delighted to assist in the expansion of their solutions for current and prospective customers.

Dianne Smith, Channel Partner Sales Manager at Key IVR said:

“We’re very happy to be working with such an influential business, forming a partnership that combined, can benefit an abundance of organisations who may be suffering from a lack of engagement with their customers.

Our approaches are very similar, we both appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all and strive to improve the overall customer experience with solutions that deliver real, tangible benefits.

We’re looking forward to the positive contributions the partnership will bring, presenting the market with an offering that will give both parties a competitive edge.”

If you’d like to find out more about Customer Touch Point then visit their website here:

Or for your free journey review visit:

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