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Key IVR Kicks Off a Series of Learning and Technical Events With a Code Retreat


At Key IVR we encourage our team to continuously improve their abilities and explore innovative ideas when developing solutions for clients. This October, we held a Code Retreat, where our talented group of developers collaborated to solve a series of tasks, increasing in difficulty, and evolving at every stage.

Co-ordinated by Team Leader, Andrei Ivascu, and HR Manager, Inga Galben, this is the first in a series of learning and technical events Key IVR will host over the next 12 months. It proved to be successful and rewarding for the participants.

Victoria Fedico, Developer said:

“It was a fantastic event, reminding me that being a software developer means constantly challenging yourself. A dev should remember that they are always a dev, even out of work!”

The Code Retreat presented challenges focused around the “Conway’s Game of Life” cellular automaton. These tasks were designed to guide participants into exploring new ways to solve problems, discuss and collaborate with their peers, and learn new tools that they can later use in their jobs. All these objectives were made specifically to encourage participants to become a more cohesive, and effective team of professionals.

The challenges comprised of 45-minute pair-programming sessions with 15-minute breaks, where they could share their experience and discuss their approach to finding a solution.

Andrei Ivascu, Development Lead said: 

“Developers and testers have their skills tested every day, but trying to break free from the routine of day-to-day tasks can be challenging. The Code Retreat allows the developers to free their creativity and be the absolute best version of themselves for the duration of the event. This is the exact attitude and culture we want to encourage in our team, to build better, faster, and more efficient products for our customers.”

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