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Key IVR Innovate with Bottomline to Introduce New Alternative Payment Options


We are delighted to announce that, through our partnership with Bottomline, Key IVR will now be adding Direct Debit and Pay Direct (electronic funds transfer) to our extensive range of payment channels. We not only pride ourselves in industry leading security, but in tailoring our solutions to meet the evolving payment demands of the consumer market.

Bottomline are innovators within their industry and experts in automating and digitizing payments and processes for companies and financial institutions around the world. Our extended partnership will allow existing and future clients to offer a larger variety of payment options to their customers. All major debit and credit cards, Direct Debit and electronic funds transfers will now form the core of our payment solutions.

By introducing Direct Debit as a payment option for Key IVR customers, organisations will have the ability to set up, modify and monitor frequent or one-off transactions simply and conveniently, avoiding the hassle of chasing a multitude of late payments. This functionality will easily integrate with any of the Key IVR payments solutions, allowing businesses to set up Direct Debits over the phone, with an automated IVR, on the web, via SMS or on a mobile app.

Pay Direct, or bank transfer as it is commonly known, takes advantage of the UK’s Open Banking regulations. It offers an alternative to Debit and Credit card payments, also known as e-check or giro transfer in other parts of the world. With a dedicated button on a secure Web Payments page, customers can pay in real time by directly transferring funds from their bank account.

Once the customer is ready to pay, the Pay Direct option will transfer them to their bank to login and authorise payment. All details of the payment are encrypted and passed through to their bank so there is no risk of payer error. Once completed, the payer is returned to the business website to continue their online journey – ensuring a consistent brand and user experience.

Mark Kelly, Chief Commercial Officer at Key IVR said:

“We believe these new options will be a great addition to our payment solutions. We know many clients will see immediate benefits and increased revenue by offering these methods. They are already highly trusted by UK consumers, and commonplace as an alternative to using a debit or credit card.

Bottomline has been fantastic to work with, making the integration between the Key IVR secure platform and their Direct Debit and Pay Direct channels, a slick and easy process. We’re very excited to be working closely with them and continuing to prove ourselves as innovators within the payment industry”.

Both new payment options will work securely, adhering to the highest level of PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), meaning that no sensitive payment information will ever need to pass through an organisation’s network or systems. Businesses and their customers can continue to have the confidence that their personal information is safe from any potential data breaches.

The Direct Debit and Pay Direct options will be available immediately as new services to all of Key IVR’s current and future clients, further improving the payment journey for consumers around the world.

If you’d like to find out how your organisation can take debit/credit card, Direct Debit or Pay Direct payments, contact your account manager today, email us at or call +44 (0) 1302 513 000 

To find out more about Bottomline Technologies, visit their website

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