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Card Payments By Phone: How DTMF Suppression Improves Security

At Key IVR we’re aware that only 5% of consumers feel secure when paying over the phone. To combat this statistic, we’ve designed a payment solution that converts any keypad tones into a single flat tone, removing the ability for them to be decrypted during the payment process.

What are SMS (Text Message) Payments?

Compared to mailed bills, emailed invoices, and other traditional methods of asking for payment, using SMS and text message can create faster results by reaching buyers through a more convenient platform.

Key IVR Continue to Innovate with PCI-DSS v4.0 Compliance

Key IVR are thrilled to announce we are now PCI-DSS v4.0 compliant. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we're very pleased to be able to shout about achieving this major version of the security standard.

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