Client Success Story: West Kent Housing Association

Services & sector

Housing Association

Housing associations are private, non-profit making organisations that provide low-cost "social housing" for people in need of a home.

About West Kent Housing Association

West Kent is a vibrant community provider of social housing, affordable homes and services to people living in the towns and villages throughout Kent.

The requirement

West Kent Housing Association wanted an automated system that would be able to handle taking card payments 24 hours a day over 7 days a week. Effectively meaning that they would be open to take card payments at any time of the day or night. West Kent wanted a system which could also take card payments from a variety of different cards (excluding American Express). They also needed a system that could handle a ‘break out’ if a customer had an issue and needed to be transferred through to the customer services team (within office hours) from the automated line.

The solution

Key IVR delivered a Payment IVR solution that met the requirements perfectly.

“Although we had some initial hiccups, through constant communication between us and yourselves we have always been able to rectify these very quickly and easily. We had an issue with some of our tenancies having references that contain letters rather than only numbers, but Key IVR were able to offer a solution for this before going live and now all accounts are able to make payment regardless of having a letter in their reference.

We have seen a rise each and every month in the number of customers using card payment as their payment method, and have managed to reduce the traffic of calls coming directly into our customer services team by having the system is place to take these calls / payments. This has effectively meant we have been able to redistribute the resources in this team which has had a positive impact on their morale.

Each time I have had to deal with Key IVR directly your customer service is great and I always have the confidence that any issue I have will be resolved quickly.”

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