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Waters & Gate

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Credit Management and Debt Collection

Credit management involves businesses overseeing credit that is extended to customers for the purchase of goods and services. Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of money or other agreed-upon value owed to a creditor.

About Waters & Gate

Waters & Gate is an award-winning credit management and debt recovery organisation with the knowledge, experience and resources to support businesses and individuals through legal action, helping to recover funds.

Offering a range of services including their online client portal, bespoke collection models and international debt recovery, Waters & Gate support people and businesses in preventing bad debts, with training services that go beyond traditional debt collection.

The requirement

Waters & Gate approached Key IVR, looking for a payment solution that would improve the overall efficiency of their day-to-day operations, by removing as many payment-only calls from their team as possible.

The services needed to allow both their clients and debtors customers to pay in a self-serve manner, in Euros or GBP, and set up payment plans where necessary (an arrangement to pay off debt over weekly, fortnightly, or monthly set instalments).

The solution

Key IVR worked closely with Waters & Gate to develop a PCI-DSS compliant solution with two secure payment services. These options allow their clients and debtors to pay for their various services, add funds against accounts, set up payment plans if necessary, all without the need to speak to a member of the team. The services don’t require a member of staff to take payments, freeing up their valuable time and potential future salary costs as the organisation continues to grow. They also have an SFTP integration which works to validate the customers reference and reconcile accounts against all processed payments. Automated Payment IVR A self-service Payment IVR allows customers to call a dedicated phone number to make payments against their account safely and conveniently, 24/7 365 days a year. The solution is secure and PCI DSS compliant, fully branded and recorded by a professional voice artist to meet their specific requirements. Find out more about Payment IVR Secure Web Payments Key IVR also developed a Secure Web Page that provides an option for customers to make a secure payment online, at any time. The page is fully branded in Waters & Gate’s colours and style, seamlessly linking from their existing website, making the payment process safe and easy for anyone to use. The service is hosted in Key IVR’s highly secure data centre, saving Waters & Gate any need for regular security assessments or maintenance. Find out more about Secure Web Payments

The outcome

The solution was very effective at reducing the number of payment-only calls coming into the business, improving convenience for clients and debtors, increasing process efficiencies, and allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

“We worked with the Key IVR team on two projects over the last 3 years. We found both the company and the team at Key IVR to be supportive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We are now reaping the benefits of those projects and I am confident that Key IVR will continue to be an important partner of ours into the future.”

Allan Poole
Waters & Gate

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