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Thomas Sanderson

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Retail relates to the sale of goods and services to consumers. Transactions take place through various channels of distribution across an ever-growing range of industries, such as food, motor vehicles, apparel, and electronics.

Manufacturing is the process of turning raw materials or parts into finished goods through the use of tools, human labor, machinery, and chemical processing.

About Thomas Sanderson

Thomas Sanderson are Conservatory Blinds, Window Shutters and Window Blinds specialists. They have over 25 years’ experience in designing, shading and changing homes with 1,000’s of colours and styles to choose from.

As they’ve grown from a small family business, to a company that continues to provide a dedicated service to their thousands of customers every year, they needed a payment solution that would continue to keep up with their success

The requirement

Following investigations around PCI-DSS Compliance within their business infrastructure, Thomas Sanderson discovered that the technology around taking card payments was in scope of a potential data breach. After taking advice from their Banking Merchant around how they could reduce or remove the potential breach of customer’s card data, they were referred into Key IVR to discuss the different options.

Thomas Sanderson found that the best way to decipher which aspect of Key IVR’s suite of products would best suit their logic was to tell them exactly how they ran as a company and where they were suffering the most pain. Key IVR then took away the product requirements and came back to the organisation with many suitable options, that could all work seamlessly together.

The solution

Key IVR’s Agent Assisted Payments solution allowed for safe transaction of card payments over the phone, achieving the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance. Using DTMF suppression, this service allows for constant conversation throughout the entire sale. When the customer is asked for their card details, they can enter them into their telephone keypad and the agent receives a partially masked number on their dashboard, a much safer process for both Thomas Sanderson and their customers.

The outcome

“Border has been a fantastic addition to our call centre ensuring that no card data enters our environment. As we deal with a wide demographic of customers, using their telephone keypad to pay is something they often haven’t done before. Being able to keep our customer on the phone to help them through the process of completing a card transaction has been a great way to iron out any resistance customers may have.

We were given our own dedicated account manager who looked after and still looks after any needs or requirements we have, keeping us up to date with changes within the service and ensures that we are utilising it as efficiently as possible.”

Graeme McCartney
Operations Director
Thomas Sanderson

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