Client Success Story:
Energy Supplier

About the company

Keeping the focus on the latest technology, this domestic gas and electricity is able to be productive at the centre of both prepay and direct debit customers. Their unique energy trading solution means they can always provide customers with market leading products.

The requirement

As a start-up organisation, this UK based energy supplier came to Key IVR with the requirement for a payment solution that would allow them to securely process Card Not Present (CNP) transactions at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year, without the need for a call agent or staff member to intervene.

The solution needed to ensure their customers had a variety of payment options when choosing how to manage their accounts and top-up their gas and electric smart-meters.

Following the success of their self-service payment model, they also decided to complete their omni-channel package and introduce an agent assisted payment solution.

The solution

Key IVR introduced a multi-channelled payment suite to give the energy supplier’s customers a variety of ‘self-serve’ options:

Mobile App
Key IVR worked to ensure their customers have the ability to top-up and manage their household gas and electric supply from the convenience of either their Apple iPhone or Android smartphones with a fully branded, PCI compliant and personalised mobile app.

Through careful integration, the app enables users to create an account, update contact details, top-up their household energy supply by credit or debit card, and view a detailed history of top-up transactions.

Find out more about our Mobile Payment App.

Agent Assisted Payments
The most recent solution in their portfolio of payment services, the Agent Assisted Payment option, allows for customers to pay for their gas and electricity whilst on the phone with an agent. Transactions are processed during the call there and then, so the same agent can deal with any account queries, billing issues and ensure a meter top up is made successfully.

This cloud-based solution was easy to implement into their current business processes, with no on-site installation and uses DTMF suppression to ensure agents never see or hear the sensitive data that customers input into their phone. Agents can track the process of the payment using a simple dashboard, monitoring the entire process from start to finish and providing excellent customer service.

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Payment IVR

The self-service Payment IVR allows customers to call a dedicated telephone number where they will be directed to the correct auto attendant. After validating their details, the customer can choose the amount they wish to top-up and pay with either a new or saved card.

Find out more about Payment IVR.

Secure Web Payments

This Secure Web Payment service provides a similar experience to the Payment IVR, but on a fully branded, secure web page which is compatible with all computers, tablets and smartphones.

Find out more about Secure Web Payments.


The energy supplier can send their customers a personalised SMS or email, notifying them that they are due to make a payment. The message contains a link which opens up the secure web payment page. The information is prefilled, so the customer only needs to enter their card details or use saved card details to complete payment, further simplifying the process.

Find out more about Click-to-Pay.

The outcome

The company now has the ability to offer their clients an omni-channel solution that is automated, giving their customers 24/7 access to top-up their accounts. For anyone wishing to pay over the phone or discuss their account with the assistance of a representative, they can do so with the same level of PCI DSS security. Daily reporting and smart-meter API integration also allows for any of the self-service payment channels to look up customers account details, instantly top-up their gas or electricity supply and provide a series of automated daily reports to different departments.

“Key IVR have been a great company to work with, helping us to achieve our objective of offering multiple PCI compliant secure payment channels to our customers. We now have a platform that enables our customers to self-manage their gas and electricity supply 24/7, improving convenience for both them and our organisation”.

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