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Credit management involves businesses overseeing credit that is extended to customers for the purchase of goods and services. Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of money or other agreed-upon value owed to a creditor.

About DWF

DWF is a global legal business whose services benefit organisations and customers all over the world. Not only do they offer a range of legal services to their clients, but they also include complementary connected solutions and technology. It’s this innovative approach that allows them to be a leading provider within their industry, supplying a competitive and differentiated angle to the legal sector.

Key IVR are proud to provide reliable payment processing services to such a reputable brand such as DWF, working together to protect their legal clients for over 7 years.

The requirement

DWF were looking to reduce the amount of time spent manually processing payments towards customer accounts. They wanted to increase the security of their payment collection process, not only requiring a way to take payments more safely over the phone, but also allow them to be taken 24/7 365 a year.

Any solutions that were implemented needed to work seamlessly together and require minimal change to their day-to-day operations. The services also needed to be quick, convenient and easy to use for the varied businesses and consumers that would using it on a regular basis.

DWF wanted to be totally confident that customers’ sensitive information wasn’t being captured or stored on their systems in any way. They were also looking to encourage a more self-serve approach for their customers, and give them the ability to make payments during out-of-office hours.

The solution

Key IVR provided DWF with two different self-service payment options that met their requirements perfectly and allowed for their customers to pay safely and conveniently, 24/7 365 days a year.  The solutions didn’t require a member of staff to take payments, freeing up their valuable time and potential future salary costs as the organisation grew.

As time went on, and the two self-serve options proved to be successful in helping DWF maintain their growth, Key IVR also implemented a third solution. This allowed customers who required further assistance, to pay over the phone with an agent.

Payment IVR:

A self-service Payment IVR allows customers to call a dedicated DWF phone number to make payments against their account. The solution is secure and PCI DSS compliant, fully branded and recorded by a professional voice artist to meet their specific requirements.

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Secure Web Payments:

Key IVR also developed a Secure Web Page that allows customers to make a secure payment online. The page is fully branded in DWF’s colours and style, seamlessly linking from their existing website, making the payment process safe and easy for anyone to use.

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Agent Assisted Payments:

The most recent solution in DWF’s portfolio of payment services, the Agent Assisted Payment option, allows for customers to make payments against their account, whilst on the phone with an agent. Transactions are processed during the call there and then, so the same agent can deal with any account queries, billing issues and ensure the payment is processed successfully.

This cloud-based solution was easy to implement into their current business processes, with no on-site installation, and uses DTMF suppression to ensure agents never see or hear the sensitive data that customers input into their phone. Agents can track the process of the payment using a simple dashboard, monitoring the entire process from start to finish and providing excellent customer service.

The outcome

DWF now have the ability to process PCI-DSS compliant transactions over the phone, Online and without an agent present . This solution not only provides a variety of secure customer payment channels, but also makes for a smoother ordering process.

“We’ve been working with Key IVR for over 7 years now, their systems are so reliable we’re very rarely contacted by someone struggling to use the services. The platform is very straightforward and easy to use, and we’ve never had to assist a customer through the payment process.

With call recording being a big part of how we protect ourselves and our customers, Key IVR’s solutions have also helped massively in allowing us to record all transactions, without ever compromising sensitive card data.”

Kevin Feehan

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