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About Create Fertility

Create Health Limited has two brands in the UK and one in Denmark. Create Fertility are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF and abc IVF is the UKs first ‘low-cost’ IVF brand. Vitanova, in Denmark, focuses on patients from overseas. They offer female-friendly IVF treatment that delivers better health outcomes for mothers and babies. Their pioneering approach to IVF focuses on the quality of eggs, rather than quantity, with gentler fertility treatment that offers women the best chance of success and reduces the emotional and physical burden associated with IVF.

The Create group has 35 clinics in the UK and one in Denmark.

The requirement

CREATE Fertility was initially introduced to Key IVR by their gateway provider following discussions around their payment processes. As a major player within their industry, CREATE Fertility wanted to increase their digital presence and streamline the payment journey for patients, whilst also improving the day-to-day operations of their team.

With multiple locations across the UK and a vast majority of transactions either being paid for via BACs or via a payment terminal manually, the IVF specialists needed a payment method that would take the pressure away from their team. This gave them more time to focus on other priorities, such as care and commitment to patients.

At the time, CREATE Fertility were raising manual invoices, or contacting individual patients to remind them of any payments that were due, something they found to be time-consuming and repetitive.

This in turn resulted in the reconciliation of accounts taking longer than they’d like. Any new system would need to have automated reconciliation, updating the details on each patient account so that their team could focus on delivering the best care possible.

The solution

Key IVR worked closely with CREATE Fertility to deliver two self-serve options which drastically reduced the amount of human interaction required when processing payments. Both solutions were PCI-DSS level 1 compliant and accessible 24/7/365 days a year, so patients could make secure payments against their account at their own convenience.

Click-to-Pay with Card Payment and Pay by Bank Options

To improve their outbound payment collection process, Key IVR worked together with CREATE Fertility to deliver a PCI-DSS compliant Click-to-Pay solution. A branded interface allows members of their team to send out payment reminders to multiple patients via SMS or email, containing a unique URL for each recipient. The service launches a mobile-friendly payment page with as much or as little information pre-filled as required, allowing them to confirm payment details and simply complete the transaction.

Patients can opt to pay with a debit or credit card, or using Pay by Bank, an instant bank to bank payment option which allows them to pay directly via their banking app, without the need to remember sort codes or account numbers.

Payments are then processed securely, with no sensitive payment data ever reaching the CREATE Fertility systems, drastically improving their online security when processing transactions. They have the ability to monitor transactions on a dedicated dashboard and oversee successful, failed and pending payments against patient accounts.

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Automated Payment IVR

Key IVR also introduced a self-service secure Payment IVR to CREATE Fertility’s payment channels, allowing patients to call a dedicated phone number and make payments towards their treatments 24/7 365 days a year. All payments are processed in a PCI-DSS compliant manner with branded voice prompts, recorded by a professional voice artist, taking them through the process step by step.

Customers can also opt-in to receive an SMS receipt after payment is made.

This immediately saved their team valuable time day-to-day, as any payment only calls could be handled by the Payment IVR automatically. Additionally, if a customer needed to talk to a member of staff during regular business hours before making a payment, they could easily be transferred to the Payment IVR to complete the transaction securely.

All payments can be monitored via the Key IVR client portal, allowing admin users to access call logs, transactions and daily reports. It serves as a central location to monitor both Key IVR services in one place.

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The outcome

After implementing the new solutions into CREATE Fertility’s overall operations, the amount of payment only calls coming into the business has significantly reduced.

“After implementing the new solutions into CREATE Fertility’s overall operations, the amount of payment only calls coming into the business has significantly reduced.

Working with Key IVR’s project team, specifically the Project Manager, Ecaterina, was excellent. They were efficient, accurate, competent and reliable, making the overall experience and process run smoothly. Training and workshops were provided by the Key IVR Customer Experience Team, allowing us to steadily adopt the new payment methods, incorporating them into our day-to-day operations.

The reduction in calls coming to our team from patients looking to solely process a payment towards their treatment will deliver operational efficiencies and feedback from our team has been positive. The new services are quick and easy in comparison to previous methods, and incorporating these new ways for patients to pay 24/7, 365 days a year has provided a much better customer service”.

David Gilbert
Chief Financial Officer
CREATE Fertility

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