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Meet our talented team

Darren Wooding

Managing Director (UK) & CEO (US)

Aside from managing the strategic direction of the business, Darren’s role is to ensure that the teams are operating efficiently and delivering the best possible solutions for clients. Darren built his IT career working with high profile corporates, including Anderson Consulting and PwC. The projects he brought to life vary: from delivering a software platform for an O2 telecoms call centre and creation of tax calculation software, to the design and installation of complete call centres.

Mark Kelly

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) (UK) & VP International Sales

As Head of Sales, Mark is responsible for managing the sales and business development teams at Key IVR. His wealth of management skills and service portfolio knowledge helps the team support clients and deliver success to the business. Mark’s intimate technical expertise and over 15 years delivering system solutions across several providers ensures he can provide concise solution proposals and troubleshoot client issues first-hand.

Dianne Smith

Head of Partner Relationships

Dianne is responsible for Partner sales and management at Key IVR, ensuring success for our partners and resellers; supporting major payment gateways with their account teams to sell Key IVR solutions. Dianne’s experience in sales, management, training and recruitment helps Key IVR clients achieve the best results from their projects and solutions.

Chris Cairns

Enterprise Chief Technology Officer

As Head of IT Chris takes pride in his responsibility to provide the best products and services to our clients. He has a wide range of skills which he has integrated well into his role with his peers describing him as both knowledgeable and helpful on a highly professional level. With over 25 years of experience, he is an essential part of our team here at Key IVR.

Cristina Gupca

Chief Technology Officer

Cristina is a software engineer who has been passionate about technology throughout her career. Spending her time developing on her skills and keeping up to date with the tech world and latest projects, plays a vital role in ensuring client solutions are developed to the highest of standards. Cristina is also dedicated to ensuring her team is always learning and expanding on their career opportunities.

Sophie Chan

Head of Account Management

Sophie’s enthusiasm and tenacity helps drive the delivery of clients’ projects. With her dedicated, consultative approach, she can provide informed recommendations to help stakeholders take the best course of action for their organisation. During the critical go-live stage, Sophie can provide on-site or on-the-phone support to end-users, so customers can get the most from their solution, troubleshooting any concerns or issues that may arise.

Alistair Mackay

Head of Marketing

Alistair has over 15 years of Marketing experience within the technology and telecoms industry. He uses his in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and brand strategy to support the group’s future growth, supported by a multitalented Marketing team. He is dedicated to ensuring a high quality voice, feel and image for the brand which further contributes towards the success of Key IVR.

Kate Plews

Head of Customer Experience

Kate has a wealth of experience in client management across previous business development and customer service roles. Always working hard for a client’s interests, she has already been instrumental in a number of projects and service launches, on hand to assist key stakeholders and their staff adopt a new solution.

Inga Galben

HR Manager

Inga has been more than 17 years of experience in human resources, in different industries, including retail, FMCG, banking, and Fintech, Inga managed projects with a focus on people development, talent management, and skills assessments within international teams. She is a certified business trainer, a learning and development professional, and a continuous learner herself, a true partner for the business and a reliable professional for each individual, being able to identify the real needs and transform them into meaningful projects

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Inga Galben

Human Resources Manager

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